The 4 Common Types of Leather Used to Create Accessories

As stated in the common saying that a man is known by the shoes he wears, it stands true for most because they feel that a good pair of shoes completes them. Whatever the occasion it may be whether casual or formal, the right pair of shoes is bound to compliment the mood. There are a variety of shoes that you can choose from such as slippers, casual shoes, sandals, formal shoes, boat shoes, boots, etc. Shoes are in general made of leather, fabric and other similar material that fits snugly onto your feet and thus making you feel comfortable while you wear it. The leather is one such material that makes the best shoes that last longer than shoes made of any other fabric. It too has varied classifications that categorise its quality as well as its price.

• Calf leather – The skin obtained from calves aged between two to three years having soft skin are used to create varied leather products that are highly priced due to limited availability. High-quality shoes, bags, leather, gloves, etc. are made out of this skin. As it is a product that has a high demand but lesser availability, it is highly priced and lasts longer than the rest.

• Hide – The skin from an adult cow is used to create this kind of leather which is firm and stronger due to its age. The skins from adult cows are obtained from the meat industry where the meat is used for food processing, and the skin is a by-product. The skin is treated with dyes and chemicals to bring its texture and dyes are added to it to bring out a colour to it. Depending on the quality of the skin, it is priced and used to create shoes, bags, wallets, etc.

• Goat or Kidskin – Obtained as the by-product of the meat industry, goat or kidskin is considered to be softer than that of calves. It has a texture that is fine as is glossy. It is used to create apparels, car furnishings, comfort shoes for the elderly and anything that doesn’t have the need of tough leather.

• Suede – It is the leather made from the underside of pig skin. As it doesn’t have the effect of the hardened exterior of the skin and thus is known to last less long than other kinds of leather. As it is soft leather, it is used to make gloves, upholstery, clothing, bags and lining for harder leather products.

Why Every Man Needs Bag

If a leather bag isn’t on the holiday wish list this season then every guy should go out and get one immediately. The versatility and style they provide should be enough for any man to get excited. It’s not a purse it’s a statement and it gives a convenience that many haven’t realised.

Get organised and get going when all that’s needed is packed up in one of these babies. Never considered getting a bag? Here are some great things men can carry in them and once they do they’ll never turn back.


Being caught in a downpour will never happen when one can open their leather bag and pull out a basic black, chic umbrella. Preparedness is attractive and of course professional. No one wants to come into a meeting in a soaking wet suit.

There are plenty of compact umbrella options that will fit nicely into the bag with other essential items.

Water bottle

Save money and the environment by bringing a personal water bottle to work or wherever the venture goes. Just make sure whatever bottle is chosen secures tightly so that no other items will be damaged within the bag.

Water can also hurt the leather of the bag. Of course it can always be carried around empty and filled at work or other locations. Many bottles have a self-filtering option which is nice.

Stain Removing Pen

Food, ink, and random elements can make their way onto professional attire and detract from one’s appearance. One of those stain removing pens is a great asset for anyone wanting to make an impression.

They fit nicely into a pouch inside the leather bag and last for quite some time so there’s no worry about replenishing often.

If this isn’t one’s thing they can always throw an extra shirt in the bag, or even remove their tie for a while without fear of it getting stained or left behind because it’s stored safely in their.


Men love their electronics and there are plenty of useful items that can go in a leather bag to get one through the day easier. For starters, an iPod and ear buds are perfect for the commute or breaks, and the ear buds can also be used with a laptop. A USB flash drive will keep important documents available in case they can’t be accessed elsewhere. A micro USB cable is also handy to charge a phone via laptop. Lastly, a portable battery pack will ensure a cellphone stays charged along any commute.

Notebook and Pen

During a commute one will often think of tasks that need to be done at work or home. Jotting those thoughts down will ensure they’re not forgotten by the time one gets to where they’re going.

It can also be nice to keep one occupied during free time at lunch or on breaks and it has more substance than the notes section of a smartphone. Plus, pen and paper looks classier.


Men don’t carry handkerchiefs anymore, in general. That’s why a travel pack of tissues is convenient. Especially during cold and flu season it’s nice to have quick access to a tissue for sneezes, coughs and nose cleanings.

Plus, when that beautiful stranger on the bus needs one a guy can get hero status.


If one isn’t convinced after considering the goodies they can pack in their leather bag then they should consider the alternative. One would need an awful lot of pockets to get all those necessities. Get in style and go shopping for the perfect bag today and let it change things for the better.

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How to Sell Your Prom Dress

Now is the perfect time to sell your Prom Dress!

Here are some tips to get the best deal for your dress.

1) Decide where you are going to sell it. Expensive name brand & designer dresses sell very well on eBay. Check out similar listings and price accordingly. If the dress is in perfect condition you may get close to 30-50% of the original retail price. Off-brands may actually sell better on Craigslist, or to a younger friend. Ask your younger friends, younger Sister’s friends, etc if they know any one that would like to buy your dress. A local buyer will save on shipping and eBay fees. If posting on Craigslist, be safe and offer to meet the potential buyer at a local coffee shop or some public place with a bathroom that is clean enough to let your dress be tried on. Consignment stores are really the worst option for Prom resale. Your beautiful dress is likely to be damaged in the store and may not sell before prom, then you no longer have the dress nor any money. The consignment store sets the price for your area, but it may sell for considerably more money in another location.

2) Have the dress professionally cleaned after you know what it may sell for. It is silly to spend $40 on cleaning for a dress that will likely sell for $75 used. But, $40 to clean a designer dress that will resale for several hundred dollars is worth it. The resale value of the dress will also give you a better idea if requires any repair. Again, consider the resale value of the dress with cleaning and repair to determine if it is worth selling.

3) Post several well-lit photos of just your dress. Get close-up photos of the bust, any embellishments, and full length front & back. It is better to crop your head out of the photo and show the dress being worn, than a shapeless mass on the hanger. Be careful using “stock” photos, but if you have the original designer name & style number you may be able to post a link to a photo of your dress, in addition to the photos that you took.

4) Be honest! Make sure you mention that it was previously worn, if you are selling locally (like Craigslist or classified ad) disclose what school & year it was worn. Any damage, repair, stains or any sign of wear must be mentioned or you will have a very unhappy buyer (and an unwanted return).

5) Provide dress size and measurements. Include the designer size chart, if available, but get a real measurement of the dress. Sometimes the easiest way to measure the dress is while you (or someone who fits in it) is wearing it.

6) Alterations can be a good selling point. If you are petite and had the dress hemmed, be sure to mention how tall you are, how tall your shoes were, and the finished length of the dress after hem. If you kept any extra fabric from a matching wrap, or leftover fabric from alterations be sure to mention that too. Extra fabric can be used for a matching headband or accessory, and to coordinate the date’s tux.

7) Estimate postage and shipping. Most prom dresses are bulky, and really not that heavy. Compare prices for regular USPS, FedEx, and UPS. If your dress can fit in a smaller (less than 12 inches long for the longest side) it is almost always cheaper to mail through regular postal service. If your dress contains ANY beading or embellishments that could be crushed or broken, use a box!

Latest Trends of Handbags

Handbags are a trend these days and this applies to both ladies and men. Handbags come in many types of designs, colors, textures and patterns. This means that as a customer or an end user there will be a lot of choices for you to choose from. These choices will enable you to make a good selection and get the best handbag for your use. Handbags can also be bought by using the online facility and online selling websites. These websites make it very easy for shoppers to select the handbag of their choice as there are numerous bags for you to choose from.

Trends of 2016

This New Year necessarily means reinvention for a lot of people but also luckily fashion. If in case you aren’t the person who shops very obsessively and cleans out the closet, now would surely be a good time for a revamp. A new bag might also be an easiest place to start the change in trend. Some tips have been stated below.

• You can start with buying a new bag. This new bag must be in compliance with the latest trends that are in existence at this point of time.

• Also there are a few bags that you will require for your wardrobe. Thus it is necessary to purchase more than one handbag.

• Handbag brands very often find themselves in a sophomore slump after they have released a bag that can inspire the customers.

• This new year, all classic designs will surely be a hit among young and old customers. For now it is recommended to just wait and see as a lot can change in the coming months.

• Also the inside bag, was the biggest launch last year and also a very important stepping stone for handbag lovers. This brand has expanded its offerings in the recent past because of a very huge demand.

• There is also a saddle bag snuck that is under the wire. On a technical basis, this bag is also a part of the 2016 spring collection and it has been made available for an immediate buy.

These are the latest trends of the handbags that are available for both men and women. Based on these tips you can make a very informed decision in order to benefit from them in the long run. As a matter of fact there are numerous brands available for you to choose from.

For Men: Six Reasons To Wear Designer Jeans

Are you planning to buy jeans for yourself? Are you someone who gives preference to the changing trends and styles in the market? Do you want to know why designer jeans are always better than the others?

Then you have surely got to read what I want to share with you – rather than buying local jeans, it is always better to buy the branded one. Why? Well, read below to find out about the top six reasons to wear designer jeans:

1) Such products are fashionable – Fashion is surely needed. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, if you want to look good, you have surely got to cope-up with the trends in the market. Different seasons bring different craze for clothes and designer bottoms always inspire you to meet these changes and satisfy your craving for such craze.

2) Branded products make you look good – Who doesn’t wish to look good in today’s era? Appearance is something that matters a lot now; whether you want to go to a nearby store for shopping or attend an informal meeting in your company, such bottoms always make you look good.

3) Branded bottoms are always comfortable – The best thing about branded and customized bottoms is that they are always much more comfortable than the ordinary ones. No matter where you go, you always feel good when you are in them. Since men have to run to a lot of places every day, they prefer jeans that are comfortable enough for traveling purposes.

4) You don’t have to buy branded products again and again – If you have branded jeans, you don’t have to spend more money on buying different bottoms. The good thing about such bottoms is that they are high in quality, thanks to which you don’t have to invest a lot of money in buying more than one.

5) You are offered with variety – It doesn’t matter if you want to buy black colored jeans or a white one, you get all the shades that you want. All you need to do is visit a good online or land based store and search for the features that you want, in the jeans that you want to buy.

6) Only a few have the product that you own – Not everybody can afford buying designer jeans; this means that if you buy such a bottom, you are one of the few. Since men always want to be different than the others in the crowd, they prefer such products.

How To Accessorize Your Maternity And Breastfeeding Dresses

A lot of expecting moms still experience some difficulty in finding stylish maternity and breastfeeding dresses. Although there are more shops today that carry more fashionable, comfortable and functional maternity and breastfeeding dresses, if you don’t do your research right, you will really have a hard time finding the clothes that you will want to wear during and after your pregnancy.

In case you managed to find the right outfits you are looking for, even if they are stylish enough, there are still many ways you can try to make your attires look more glamorous and chic. And this is by accessorizing your maternity and breastfeeding dresses correctly.

To make sure that you go about the right way in accessorizing maternity and breastfeeding dresses, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

Wear some jewelry. Jewelry is one of those things that women, especially pregnant ones, appreciate and love a lot. This is because jewelries are one of the few things that still fit women, even if they start showing their baby bump. Stock up on some affordable but not tacky gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. If you have the budget, consider going for the more expensive ones. Putting on some bling is a fun way to dress up maternity and breastfeeding dresses for work, a meeting, a date, or even for a formal evening party.

A classy pair of shoes. Shoes, especially sandals and flats, are two other items that can still fit you even if you’re pregnant. As such, invest in good and comfortable pairs of sandals and flats since you will wear them every day anyway. And you can still wear them even after you have given birth.

A sweater or vest. Another way of showing off your chic and stylish side, even if you’re wearing a maternity or breastfeeding dress, is to throw a cardigan or sleeveless sweater over it. This look exudes some kind of a bohemian vibe. You can also use your sweaters or vests even after your baby is born.

A scarf or shawl. Throwing a scarf around your neck or draping a shawl over your shoulders always makes outfits look a bit more stylish and put together. Aside from being great accessories, once you begin to nurse and have to do so in public areas, they can add some extra cover for you and your child while you breastfeed.

Headbands. Finally, don’t forget to glam up your hair, too. Wear a headband or use a bandana to tie up your hair. Most maternity or breastfeeding dresses exude a laid-back, kind of vibe. As such, give your hair the same feeling and you can do this by getting and using the right hair accessories.

The Different Types of Masks

There are so any masquerade masks out there in the market and this makes it very difficult to properly decide which one you want to buy or which color you want to choose. There are also many factors that can play a role in deciding which mask to choose or which mask is appropriate for a particular event. The three main factors are the occasion, outfit and also the image that you want to convey by wearing the mask.

The Bauta

The Bauta looks like it has got a square type jaw, no mouth and a very large chin. It also covers the entire face and is often very heavily stark white or gilded. It historically has a standardized Venetian that is required at any political decision making even and thus it ensures anonymity. This is especially for all those men who want to get lost in a crowd and break some rules.

The Colombina

The Colombina looks like it has a half mask and is also often decorated heavily. This is also very colorful and a type of mask that only covers the eyes of the wearer and sometimes the nose as well. This is meant for women who are not at all afraid to let her personality shine through.

The Medico della Peste

This mask has got an extremely long hollow beak, round eyes and also usually simple in design and rarely ornate. These were historically worn by all plague doctors in order to prevent the spread of diseases. You can wear it for summer parties and Halloween.

The Volto

The Volto looks like a very simple style that can cover the entire face and also depict the basic and simple facial features such as the nose and lips. This is meant for all those who want to make a very mysterious entrance and also quite an exit.

The Pantalone

The Pantalone is a mask that can feature a sizeable hook nose and also looks like a beak. It also has the very slanted eyes. It is meant for all the jokers and people who want to strike up an intriguing conversation while making friends and tell the funniest jokes in the room. You can wear it to your cocktail party or a masked ball and any other occasion will also do. After all you don’t need any reason to dazzle them all with your wit. It is one of the important things to remember.

7 Simple Steps to Find the Best Tailor

Let’s be honest, the outcome of any altered clothes depends heavily on tailors. If they aren’t any good, no matter how expensive your clothing fabric is, clothes will not come out nice. Precisely for this reason, it is important to find the most appropriate tailor for altering your clothes. But how can you ascertain which one is good and which aren’t?

Well, when you are looking for a tailor, you should always follow these steps:-

• Thorough research: Don’t entrust any tailor without doing some research. Ask your friends and family members for their opinion of who is the best dressmaker in town.

• Have a conversion over the phone: Call a dressmaker and ask them some preliminary questions to test their knowledge. Also ensure if they are capable enough.

• Physically visit the store: Visit the store to ensure that they have a proper establishment. Also make sure that they aren’t sloppy at their work.

• Have a look at their work: Go around their store and have a look at their work that they have recently done. This may include a shirt that they have just altered or any other attire.

• Conduct a test: Before getting your expensive suits altered, have the dressmaker fix some of your clothes which you don’t mind them ruining. This will give you a broad idea of their work.

• Trust your instincts: Some tailors are genuinely good and want your clothes to fit well while some will try to fool you. You have to trust your instinct about what you feel is right.

• Build a cordial relationship: The more a dressmaker knows you, the better your clothes will be altered because the dressmaker will know what you desire and whether you are happy with the output or not.

These days, tailoring outlets isn’t just restricted to alterations because it is fast expanding by providing services like dry cleaning. People who refrain from washing in the fear that their prized clothes will be ruined can completely trust dry cleaners. Professionals, who dry clean, are equipped to handle any kind of attire, be it of any fabric. All you need to do is find a good alteration and tailoring store because once you do, you won’t have to worry about ill fitted clothes anymore. You will discover a dressing style that is visually appealing along with being extremely comfortable to wear. You can bring back the good old days when everyone created a fashion statement.

How to Infuse Western Fashion Into Your Traditional Saree Wardrobe?

Sarees from India are often touted to be archetypal but they are not exactly so. In fact, Indian traditional sarees are absolutely versatile and elegant. They are beautiful and stylish. You can take your style meter even when draped in this ethnic wear. All you need to do is infuse some latest western styles into its designs and drapes. You can recreate the magic of this graceful drape by giving it an intriguing twist of style. Here, we will tell you how to reinvent the beauty of your traditional sarees with some western styling tips.

Try saree gowns:

This is the ultimate style trending in latest sarees fashion. When sarees from India are merged with a western evening gown, this combination is sure to mesmerize everyone alike. These gowns are loved for their Indian inspirations and western-like silhouettes. Embellished with the finesse of Swarovski crystals, kundan, stone embroidery, pearl work, sequins, or zardozi, they are the perfect style statement for the fashionable contemporary Indian women.

Sarees with a waistcoat:

This is sophisticated, beautiful and classy. Carry this crisp style to the evening parties or day events. It looks amazing at any time. A full sleeves embroidered waist coat with a plain saree is enough to cast your magical spell in a party. They are wearable and totally stylish to the hilt. With this style, your traditional sarees in silk, satin or chiffon will get a fresh lease of life.

Go for the tunic style saree:

Here is another mesmerizing style in latest sarees. Tunic saree gives you an edge of fashion by merging traditional sarees with western tunics in any length. This way, you can do away with the glitzy blouses and reinvent the beauty of your saree in a completely modern avatar. Don’t forget to team it up with a statement necklace or earrings.

Add a belt over saree:

If you don’t want to ditch the traditional look of your latest sarees, go for this style. Add a glossy embellished or metallic belt over your simple saree and you’re done. It is easy and sure to rev up your style quotient with a western twist. The belt will keep your pleats in place as well. So, it’s extra advantageous for you.

Your traditional wardrobe encompassing sarees from India can be evolved in terms of style with these simple tips. Simplify your sarees online shopping. Instead, play attention to the way you drape your saree innovatively. Don’t invest in a useless style in sarees online shopping. Rather, choose the style that suits your personality and preferences.